Successfully complete your electronic diversity visa lottery application with Green Card Organization

Many Applicants of Diversity Visa lottery is being disqualified annually because of improper completion of the DV visa lottery application form. Especially, now that as a DV visa applicant, you will have to complete an electronic diversity visa form DS-5501 online. Mistakes, no matter how minute can lead to a disqualification, therefore, one must be more diligent and efficient in completing the electronic diversity visa lottery form. You are guaranteed of an error-free application with support from the team of legal/immigration experts at the Green Card Organization.

Here is how to successfully complete your electronic Diversity visa lottery form with the Green Card Organization.

Filing your electronic diversity visa form comprises of two parts. Part 1 includes entrant’s personal information and part two includes the Derivatives.

Step1: correctly type in the authentication code as they appear in the picture and click “submit”. If your entries are correct, then you will be directed to the application form DS-5501 page.

Steps 2: start filing form DS-5501 by filling out all entries in part 1.

You are expected to provide correct, updates and accurate information about yourself.

  • Name: this includes your last/family name, last name and middle name
  • Gender: male/female
  • Birthdate
  • City where you were born
  • The country where you were born

Country of eligibility for the DV program: your country of birth should be the same with your country of eligibility but if otherwise, you can contact any of our team at the Green Card Organization. You will be guided on how to write a professional explanation of your country of eligibility. Nevertheless, if you have other problems as regards to your country of eligibility, you can consult our team of immigration expert at Green Card Organization for the right immigration procedures.

Green Card OrganizationEntrant’s photograph: you must upload a recent photo in compliance with all specifications, dimensions, and background. To avoid disqualification of your entry, let Green Card Organization help you with accurate and acceptable photo upload.

  • Enter your Mailing Address
  • The country where you live as at the time of application
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • The current highest level of education
  • Current marital status
  • The number of children.

Step 3: once you have entered all entries correctly, click ‘continue’. If all your information is correct and there are no omissions, you will be directed to part 2. If otherwise, you will be asked to fill the entries again. Remember, you only have a timeline of 30 minutes in completing the form.

Step 4: if you have indicated that you are married and/or with children in part 1, then you must proceed to part two

Fill all entries in part 2:

  • Spouse name
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • City where your spouse was born
  • The country where your spouse was born
  • Spouse photograph: you should use the photo tools to make sure your uploaded photograph has the approved standard.

You must enter the details for each of the numbers of children you have indicated in part one

  • Name of child
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • City where your child was born
  • The Country where the child was born
  • Child photograph

Step 5: click on continue. You will be allowed to view your entries if they are complete and correctly filled then press ‘submit’. If your application is successfully received, you will receive a submission confirmation message that displays your name, year of birth and a unique confirmation number.



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