The desire to be able to track one’s Green Card has led fraudsters to build false applications whilst claiming these applications would help track Green Cards or serve as Green Card status Tracker. However, it is important to note that there is NO APPLICATION capable of tracking the status of a Green Card.

How can Green Card status be Tracked?


  • How to track Green Card status online
  1.  Tracking of Green Card Status online can only be possible if you have a confirmation number of registered entry.
  2. Another way in which your Green card status can be tracked is if you have been registered for a Diversity Visa lottery for getting a Green card.


  • How to register for a Diversity Visa lottery


Green Card Organization is at your service to help you acquire your Green card through the Diversity Visa lottery set up by the US government annually. The greencardorganization is a legit, tested and trusted a nongovernmental organization that gets you well prepared so as not to miss out on the chance and wait compulsorily for another one year. The US greencardorganization is always available to support you through the process of registration down to acquiring your visa.

With the help of the greencardorganization, you stand a very high chance of winning your visa lottery. This is because The Green card organization provides services in filling your green card form without any errors. As even minor errors can disqualify your application. And for a one time per year opportunity such as this, you do not need such.

They also render other services such as consulting, how to answer questions (if the individual wins the lottery), directing and preparing candidates for interview in the general embassy of that country, Tracking of green card and many more. To find out more and request services, visit

To effectively track your green card using the DV lottery, the following are required

  • The confirmation number issued to you at the end of your registration process during the time of the lottery application for a green card.
  • Correctly typed full name in the same order used while applying for the green card during lottery session.
  • Correct and properly arranged date of birth.



  1. Tracking with Consular Electronic Application Centre (CEAC)

Your visa status can also be tracked through the Department of Consular Electronic Application Centre status check. To use this medium, you need to

  • Enter your Consular Electronic Application Centre barcode, case number for IV (immigration Visa) cases and interview location for NIV (Nonimmigrant visa) cases

 Also, the 13 character receipt number found on your receipt notice would be needed as well.

You can also contact personnel’s from the DOS consular Electronic Application center to assist you in tracking and to make further clarifications

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