After obtaining one’s permanent resident green card, the natural next step after a period would be to apply for citizenship. Applying for citizenship requires, first, knowing your US citizenship application status. The US citizenship application status is necessary for knowing just where you stand when it comes to applying for US citizenship.

Even after being given a green card, there are still factors to be considered and, yet again conditions that need to be satisfied to ensure that your citizenship status is not tampered with. The American green card does grant you an automatic US citizenship application status but, contrary to popular belief, it does not guarantee you an actual US citizenship. Getting citizenship requires more than simply having a green card and, these requirements are looked at by the immigration services before your application status can be approved. Even after getting your US citizenship application status approved, there are still more factors that are considered before you are granted citizenship.

All these factors and requirements are not known to everyone but, because we are well versed in the US immigration processes, we, however, know all that is involved and, all that is necessary to carry on with this process with ease. Knowing how to properly fill out your application forms and, how to prepare all your necessary documents regarding this process is very crucial. Educating you very clearly on the procedures involved in this process is one of the services that we render to you. As well as guiding and preparing you for every possible scenario or situation. This is not to say that being able to carry on with this process on your own is not a possibility; it is; but, with so many details to be given in certain ways, would you not want to have a trusted team helping you through this process? Something as simple as having the right information in the wrong section of your form can end up ruining your entire application. To avoid this, it is recommended that you seek professional services to help you.

We are very seasoned in immigration matters, and we have a history of successes with immigration. With our team, you are guaranteed an easy process. You are also sure of having one of our counselors available and on hand to answer any questions you may have for your peace of mind.


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