When you become a permanent resident of the United States, the natural occurrence is that you are issued a lawful permanent resident card, which is now commonly referred to as a green card. The basic function of a green card is to serve as proof that your permanent residency in the united states is lawful and legal. This function makes the green card a highly pertinent document, that poses repercussions for you if you fail to maintain it. These repercussions come in the form of government fines, and potential jail time. Furthermore, a green card is usually issued to you for a period of 10 years, expiring afterward. However, before your green card expires, you can and should apply for green card renewal. Renewing your green card or rather your green card renewal processing time is the main focal point of this article.

Unfortunately, the steps to take as well as the general know-how of green card renewal processing time are elusive to the average man. This leads to otherwise avoidable situations arising. Hence, stated below is an end to end guide on green card renewal processing time, as well as circumstances where the process will be expedited.

Green Card Renewal Processing Time( All you need to know).

  • How long does it take: The green card renewal process, approximately spans between a period of 10 to 12 months to renew or replace if need be. Furthermore, in some certain cases, the period might take longer than it actually would, and of course, it can be expedited.
  • Form I-90( the first step): When applying for a green card renewal, the first thing you are to do, is pick up, fill and submit form I-90 to the U.S Citizenship and immigration services(USCIS). The I-90 form is the application to replace the permanent resident card or green card. The form is a very important part of the process and once it is received and accepted by the USCIS, they are to issue you a receipt notice. This notice is to verify that your form I-90 has been received by the USCIS and it also serves to help you track your case. As it contains a unique receipt number for that purpose.
  • Biometrics: The next step for your green card renewal processing time, is the biometrics. Some weeks after you have received your receipt notice, the next thing to expect from USCIS is a biometric appointment notice. A needed requirement for you to renew your green card is going through a biometric appointment. This is ensured by the USCIS through the biometric appointment notice, which will specify the date, time and location. Also, if the date given isn’t suitable for you, you will find instructions on the notice, for rescheduling. Furthermore, the actual biometrics will usually be set to take place not later than 2 weeks after the issuance of the notice. It is pertinent to note that, you are required to take the biometric notice as well as a valid I.D with you to the actual biometric.
  • Renewal: Following your biometric appointment and continuous processing of your renewal application, the USCIS will issue you, your renewed green card.

Circumstances Were the Green Card Renewal Processing Time will be Expedited.

  • Severe financial loss to a person or company
  • For compelling humanitarian reasons
  • Emergency situations.


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