It is important to know that before an individual may consider converting the green card to citizenship, he/she must first of all be fully qualified. When we talk about qualification, it simply means the total amount of time a person must have spent living in the US as a permanent resident. There is always a record that is being used as information especially for people living in the US. The applicant will have a record indicating all his/her past travels while residing as a permanent resident.

This record is not something that should be joked with as it has all the important details concerning every permanent member of the US. Once your name is imputed into the system, all your details automatically display. This record will indicate if you have been portraying a good character and if you have been free from any criminal activity. All this must be completed before the state government might consider allowing you to convert the green card to citizenship.

All this application process is procedural. All the procedures must be duly followed before you can convert the green card to citizenship. The conclusion of the whole thing is an interview with one of the States official. When you convert the green card to citizenship it amounts you with so many privileges. This allows you as a new citizen to vote, gain access to federal grants, gain access to federal fund and travel freely. All these are previously deprived because you are not a citizen.

Completing your residency period

If you already have a green card and you are planning on becoming a citizen by naturalization, you must have resided in the United States for more than 5 years and not less than that. Some permanent residents may have their green cards based on marriage and in such case,  you are required to complete your period of residence up to 3 years before you can consider applying for citizenship. Being married doesn’t automatically warrant citizenship rather it is mandatory for you to complete this residency period by staying up three years before you can become a full citizen of the United States.

It is important to download and print the N-400 from, from the United State citizenship and immigration service website. It is important that you compile all the necessary evidence and include a photocopy of both the front part and back part of your green card. Make sure you add two identical passports to avoid any future complication.

There will be a scheduled interview with a USCIS officer and as soon as your application is reviewed and approved, the USCIS will notify you. After this, you will be scheduled for a citizenship interview. This final interview will determine if you will be successful at converting your green card to citizenship. All exams are being conducted during the interview process and if you pass, you will be notified through your email with a location indicating where you will attend the citizenship ceremony.

Make sure you follow all these steps if you want to convert your green card to citizenship.  In order to avoid any mistake, it is better to use the services of our company.


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