Green card renewal time can be processed even before the older one expires. The Green card as we all know is a formal identification card; it’s like a permit, that allows you to work and live permanently in the United States of America. Green card holders are known as permanent residents. Being a Green card holder gives you absolute freedom.

A Green Card is an essential document and needs to be maintained or handled with care, failure to do can result in government fines or even jail. It’s proof of your status.

The easiest way to get a Green card is to win a lottery, but get disqualified if you don’t provide accurate information, little mistakes made can rule you out, that is why hiring the service of a reliable company like is important.

It is valid for a 10- year duration and expires after the time limit. You are eligible to apply for a renewal of your Green Card even before it expires.


Green card renewal time processing

In applying for a Green card renewal time the first step to take is to submit an online E-filing form I-90. If you are looking for how to submit a well-prepared form, is guaranteed. They make sure all the information you provide is correct. There are other benefits that also come with filing your form 1-90 Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card, with this website. You will also send supporting documents to USCIS by mail.

You will be issued a receipt of notice ones USCIS, accepts your file 1-90. After a few weeks, you will receive your biometrics appointment notice, which you must attend. Your digital fingerprints will be taken.


The big question now is how much time, does it take to get your Green Card renewal time processed?

Issuance of your new green card can take up to approximately 5-10months from the filing date. In some cases, it can be issued earlier before that, like humanitarian reasons or emergency situations.

It is advisable to apply for a renewal of your Green Card 6 months prior to the expiration of your Green Card; this gives USCIS time to process your renewal.

Filing your renewal with a competent company is vital, especially in answering the given questions, hire the service of Green Card Organization to make this process easier for you.

Take note that if you are outside the U.S when your card expires, and you didn’t apply for renewal before leaving, you should contact the nearest USCIS office or U.S. Consulate before filing form I-90.

Like I noted earlier, you need directions while filing the form I-90 for Green Card renewal time. Hiring the service of will make this process a lot easier for you, visit their website today to get more information on how to start your filing with them to renew your Green Card.


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