Countless people each year apply for Green Cards, and one of the most common mistakes people make is not knowing the requirements to apply for Green Card before they tackle their application. Most of the problems surrounding the disqualification of applications are the result of human error. At the Greencardorganization, our professional, skilled and experienced Immigration Experts will ensure that your application is completely error-free.


General Requirements

For your Green Card application to have a chance of success, you must meet the requirements for general Green Card application. To apply, you must…

… qualify for the immigration categories listed below

… have access to all necessary documentation and evidence

… have a valid immigration petition filed and approved

… have your immigrant visa immediately available

… be legally allowed to enter the United States


Other Requirements

The other requirements to apply for a Green Card will vary depending on what qualifications you are seeking to use for your Green Card application. There are two primary petition-based Green Card applications, as well as a special lottery which has its own requirements. Let’s take a closer look at the primary requirements to apply for Green Card based on those categories.


Requirements for Family-Based Green Cards

The requirements to apply for Green Card based on your family relationships vary.

If the family member is a US citizen, they can petition if you are…

… their legal spouse

… their married or unmarried child of age any

… their parent* (*petitioner must be 21+)

… their immediate sibling

Special categories for family-based Green Card applications can allow you to apply if you are…

… a victim of domestic abuse with an immediate family member who holds a Green Card or is a US citizen

… widow(er) of a US citizen

… fiancé or child under 18 of a US citizen or Green Card holder

… legal spouse or child of a lawful permanent resident

… child of a foreign diplomat residing in the US


Requirements for Job-Based Green Cards

The requirements to apply for Green Card based on your job vary depending on your profession, skills, as well as your background.

You can apply based on job-based requirements if…

... an American employer has hired you and they want to file a Form 1-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker)

… you are a foreign business owner who has invested and/or created American jobs

… you believe you have the skills and education to apply under the Aliens of Extraordinary Ability category

… you have a profession that is covered under the Form 1-360 Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er) or Special Immigrant category


Requirements for Diversity Lottery Green Cards

The Diversity Lottery is an annual lottery with 55,000 winners picked each year. In order to apply for this lottery, you must…

… be from an eligible country

… have a high school (12-year course of elementary and secondary) education

… 2 years of work experience which require 2 years training/experience within the last 5 years

The process of applying for any of these Green Cards, and especially the DV, is complex. Here at Greencardorganization, we will ensure that everything is done properly so eliminate the chances that your application is rejected based on error.


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