Do you want to apply for permanent residency? If so, then you will need to fill out a permanent resident card application. Your application for permanent residency will require you to fill out highly detailed forms that require specific documentation and information to be considered valid. At the Greencardorganization, our highly trained immigration experts will ensure that your application is filled out properly and without human errors that can cost you money as well as time lost while waiting to apply again.

The following is a short guide to what you need to know about your permanent resident card application.


What Is a Permanent Resident Card?

A permanent resident card is most often referred to as a “Green Card.” A Green Card and a permanent resident card is the same thing. This card signifies that the holder is legally around to stay, work, and study in the United States if they abide by the term of the Green Card. Permanent residents have other benefits as well, such as the ability to vote in certain state and local elections, as well as the ability to receive Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security under certain circumstances.


How Do I Apply?

A permanent resident card application must be done through specific legal channels. There are a few primary ways that people can apply for a permanent resident card to the United States.

  • Apply via a family member: if your relationship to this family member qualifies, they can petition for your permanent resident card application
  • Apply via your job: if your job, profession or professional background qualifies, you can petition for a permanent resident card through this category
  • Apply to the lottery: The Diversity Visa or DV lottery picks 55,000 winners each year to receive a permanent resident card

Each of these application categories has strict requirements that must be followed if you want your application to be considered valid.

Can I Apply on My Own?

Yes, but you really shouldn’t. Sending in a permanent resident card application is a complex process that requires plenty of planning, a skilled understanding of the requirements and the process of applying, as well as a trained eye that can ensure that the application itself contains no mistakes or missing information.

If you mess up on your application, you will not only be wasting time or money, you could disqualify yourself from re-applying for a specific length of time. Specifically, if your application to the DV is rejected due to error, you will automatically be disqualified from entering next year’s DV. This is naturally something you want to avoid, so applying alone is not recommended.

At Greencardorganization, we have a team of skilled and highly experienced immigration experts who will guarantee that your applications are correct, valid and submitted properly. We guarantee valid entry to the Diversity Lottery as well. If you are preparing a permanent resident card application, contact us today.

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