Where Can I Get a Green Card?


Maybe you’ve been planning out your personal American dream for years, maybe you recently discovered excellent employment opportunities in the US, or maybe you want to join family that is now legally residing in the US: whatever the reason, wanting to know “Where can I get a Green Card?” is a common question that people looking to get their own Green Card to ask.

The answer to “Where can I get a Green Card?” does not have a singular answer. There are multiple methods to getting a Green Card, so let’s take a closer look at the 3 primary ways you will be able to apply for a Green Card of your own.


Do you have family that has Green Cards or is US citizens?

If you have family that are current US citizens or hold valid Green Cards, then the answer to “where can I get a Green Card?” is a simple one. You need to find out if your relationship to these family members falls under the requirements for family Green Card petitions. If it does, then the family member who holds a Green Card or is a US citizen can petition your Green Card application: this, in effect, acts as a sponsorship.

If they are an American citizen, they can petition for your application if you are:

  • A legal spouse
  • Unmarried or married child of any age
  • Parent of a petitioner over 21
  • Immediate sibling over 21


If they are a Green Card holder, they can petition for your application if you are:

  • A legal spouse
  • An unmarried child of any age


Does your job qualify you for a Green Card application?

Certain applicants may be able to obtain a Green Card depending on where they work/who they work for, as well as if their personal skills or specific profession come under special provisions that allow you to apply. If you meet any of these qualifications, then the answer to “where can I get a Green Card?” may lie with what you do for a living.

These are the primary job qualifications you’ll need to consider:

  • You work for an American employer who wants to petition for your card through the Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker
  • You are a foreign investor and/or creator of American jobs
  • You believe you meet the Aliens of Extraordinary Ability qualification
  • You have a job that qualifies under the American, Widow(er) or Special Immigrant qualification.


Have you applied for the DV program?

The DV or Diversity Lottery program is an annual lottery that chooses 55,000 winners among valid applicants. Applying for this lottery is strict and difficult because applicants only have 30 minutes to fill out the application, which has specific instructions which if not followed to the letter can result in disqualification and barring the application from the lottery for an entire year.

If you are interested in knowing “where can I obtain a Green Card?” contact us at the Green Card Organization today. We will help you navigate the complex, confusing and strict world of Green Card applications, no matter where you choose to apply.

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