Also known as the green card lottery, the diversity immigrant visa program, is a lottery program organized by the United States to allow foreigners to receive a United States permanent resident card. This program makes about 50,000 immigrant visas available every year to a diversity of countries. However, the system is set up with the aim of improving the state of a diversity of the immigrant population of the United States. Because of this, applicants that are mainly sought after are those from countries that have a low rate of US migrations within the past 5 years. The diversity immigrant visa program has a list of countries that are eligible for participation all over the world.

This program is set up on a very strict set of rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies. For this reason, it is regarded as very technical. Applying for this program requires a very high level of attention and attentiveness especially when filling out the forms. With an average of about 20 million applicants every year, it is necessary to be very careful and thorough when filling out and, submitting your application for this program. There are several factors to be considered by the immigration services for getting selected. There are rules to be followed when carrying out this process, guidelines to follow, policies to be conversant with, and regulations that must be met with. The only way to enter this program is to apply for it and win. This involves submitting your complete data directly to the State Departments website. Seems simple enough but, as stated earlier, there are several factors to consider when applying for this program.

The diversity immigrant visa program is one that requires a great deal of attention to detail. We are experienced in the process of applying for the diversity immigrant visa program and, we offer our services to help guide you through this process. With a history of successes in immigration matters and a highly effective team of competent counselors, we guarantee that you will be fully educated, and prepared for all phases involved in applying for the diversity immigrant visa program. We are on hand and very ready to answer any questions you may have and, clear up any misunderstanding that may come up at any point. We are dedicated to making sure that you understand everything at every step of the way to guide you along.


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